Get Well Soon Interview with Laura Harris Smith

Laura Harris Smith is a certified nutritional counselor, co-pastor and TV host. She helps you pursue healing and wellness for body, mind and spirit—both naturally and supernaturally. Laura believes you are meant to enjoy a full, abundant life, and she equips you with the tools you need, including • condition-specific healing prayers • links to free online videos by Laura • powerful declarations of faith • body system blessings for the prevention of sickness • delicious menus tailored for each of the 15 body systems • spiritual warfare guidelines for troubleshooting stubborn ailments • guidance for confronting spiritual sickness—such as grudges, unforgiveness or sin patterns—that may be blocking physical healing • amazing, miraculous testimonies to build faith.

In this interview Laura speaks to us about why we need to realize the body is influenced and affected by the Spirit world and realm. How does this affect our health? How can we walk free of sickness and disease? Laura prays for healing for us and also releases words of impartation to walking in health in mind, body, soul, and spirit.