How to Host His Presence Everyday: Interview w Jennifer Eivaz

In this exclusive interview, author and international speaker Jennifer Eivaz explains that you are

called to make God's presence known to those around you—to be an actual carrier of God’s glory.

She inspires us to the following:

• enter into intimate fellowship with the Spirit of God

• experience healing and deliverance

• pray for miracles that will change others’ lives

Listen to Jennifer pray and minister the glory of God over our lives for transformation and healing. Jennifer has authored books on intercession, seeing the supernatural, and now how to be a carrier of the glory of God. Each of her books carry the anointing and powerful power of God's love to impact every life and reader! 

Have you asked yourself the following questions?

1. Is experiencing the glory of God just for a few “super saints” or is it for everybody?

2. What are some different manifestations of the glory from Scripture, and in our present day, and what message is God sending with those?

3. How can we as individual believers, a local church or the Church body as a whole respond to God’s manifest presence? How can we respond when God shows up in different manifestations of His glory? Jennifer answers these questions and provides Biblical truths to embrace and experience the glory daily in our lives.


Beatriz Zaldana