God is Moving In Hollywood : Interview w Lorraine Varela

Lorraine Marie Varela along with her husband Gabriel are founders of "Inspiring Faith International." It is a ministry that was founded to, well… inspire faith! They desire to ignite the hearts of everyone they meet to go deeper in connection with God’s heart, no matter where they are on their journey with Him. We do this by sharing the miraculous stories of His Divine intervention in our lives, always pointing back to the Word of God. Our goal is to mentor and disciple others as we take these messages of life and hope into the church… and welcome others to join our ministry trips as we travel into the world.

Our supernatural journey of faith began seventeen years ago with a powerful word given by God in the middle of the night: “Go!” It is a word that carries us still. Out of multiple astonishing encounters with the Lord, Lorraine has written two books and one feature length screenplay that is currently under development with a film production company in Hollywood. You can find out more about each by clicking on “Books & Film” here.

Lorraine is also a published author and movie screen-writer. Her newest devotional called "Planned from the Start: a Healing Devotional." is a companion devotional to the movie, Planned from the Start.  It reveals five core areas of emotional turmoil often faced following abortion—emotions that trap women and men in the prison of pain that abortion has brought into their lives and into the lives of those who love them.

In this interview Lorraine shares her heart for the unborn. She also shares how God is ready and willing to help women and men who have experienced the trauma of abortion. She shares how God visited the movie set and began to free women who had been touched by abortion and their families.