Ending Human Trafficking One Person at a Time: Interview w Andrea Aasen

Andrea Aasen oversees XP Missions and is currently living and serving with their team in Cambodia. She works with Extreme Love in Cambodia as well. She is an apostolic leader that is passionate about Jesus and has a heart to see God’s justice and love released to the nations. Andrea has a special heart for women and children that have been abused and exploited, specifically through human trafficking, and serves as an advocate for their rights and freedom. She longs to see the restoration of purity in the earth and to see all brought out of darkness and into God’s marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9).

Andrea is a powerful woman of God who walks in love and manifests the fruit of love in all she does and says. She has walked through different seasons of her life where God has shown Himself to be powerful and mighty in her life. Listen to her share how she was called from a comfortable life in the United States to Cambodia and other nations. Andrea is a testimony of how powerful a call of God on our life can send us to do the impossible for God. All we need is to say “yes Lord.”


Beatriz Zaldana