Preparing the Church for the End of Abortion | Interview with Kelsey Bohlender

Kelsey Bohlender, Associate Director of Zoe’s House Adoption,


Kelsey and her husband Randy have lived in Kansas City since 2004.  Prior to moving to Kansas City, they served as staff pastors in east Tennessee and then church planters and staff pastors in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The Bohlenders have five sons and five daughters.  Six of their children came into the family through the miracle of adoption. In addition to adoption work, they are active in ministry endeavors and are rabid fans of Major League Soccer. Kelsey has a heart for justice as well she served and was part of the first Washington DC House of Justice (Prayer) along with Matt Lockett and Lou Engle. She longs to see this nation walk in God’s justice and see the overturning of Roe vs Wade. Kelsey is a beautiful testimony of God’s love and heart for the orphan. She and her husband are authors of the book “The Spirit of Adoption: Winning the Battle for the Children” published by Destiny Image.

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