A New Generation of Fathers

Larry Titus has been in full time ministry for 55 years. In 2001, he completed 34 years of influential innovative pastoral ministry in the states of Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio, to devote himself to the mission of Kingdom Global Ministries, an organization he founded in 1992. For decades Larry Titus has trained thousands of men and women to be effective in every facet of their lives, marriages, and ministries. Larry has equipped leaders that span dozens of nations. His commitment to global missions has also resulted in thousands of churches, schools, orphanages, and Bible schools being established and sustained on every continent.

Larry is the author of The Teleios Man—Your ultimate identity, a complete curriculum for men's ministry that provides discipleship in 12 areas of a man's life. Larry and Devi coauthored the book When Leaders Live Together—How two strong personalities can thrive in marriage. The imprint of Larry Titus wherever he goes is LOVE. If you know him, you love him and he loves you—somehow, he makes that evident.”

In this interview Larry will open your heart and spirit through some revelatory truths about how it is a time for fathers to arise in this nation.


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