Autism Took His Words, but God Gave Him a Voice

Tahni Cullen is a people-lover, marketer, writer, and conference speaker, who brings a powerful message of hope and restoration. She recently co-authored the memoir about her journey with her young, non-verbal son, Josiah's Fire: Autism Stole His Words; God Gave Him a Voice. 

Tahni worked thirteen years at a multi-campus church in the Twin
Cities of Minnesota where she served in communication arts and as a ministry director. She and her producer husband, Joe, created an award-winning documentary called "Surprised by Autism."

In this interview Tahni shares how God encountered Josiah and how His revelation of heaven and His wisdom has been made evident in Josiah’s life. She also shares how the church can pray and be open to the new of God. God visited us in this interview with such grace and mercy to hear how He is about to bring upon this world a new move of God where people like Josiah are also going to minister healing and salvation to others. 




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