Splashing God's Love!!

Interview with Vivian Klebs:

Vivian Klebs is a love-filled evangelist, teacher, prophet with a pastors heart. She has been moving in the fivefold work of the Lord for years. She was born in Florida but now lives in Minnesota with her family and is involved with Godtown, a local ministry that impacts the community and has international reach (https://www.godtown.com) Vivian is also a wife, mother, and grandmother but she is known as Mama V to those who are impacted by the love and power of God she splashes all over.  She is the author of the book “Splashing All Over: Taking God’s Power and Love to the Street.” God has given her a unique ability to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone and anywhere. She brings this gift together in the book and also imparts how to splash God’s love on the streets. She has an amazing heart full of love for people. She is hungry to see people moving in their purpose and destiny of splashing love. Get to know Vivian Klebs today in this wonderful interview! She will impart into your spirit what God is doing in this hour! 


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