Pay Attention

Photo by  Romain Vignes  on  Unsplash

Photo by Romain Vignes on Unsplash

Written by Beatriz

“We must, therefore, pay even more attention to what we have heard, so that we will not drift away.”-Heb 2:1 HSCB

I remember being in elementary school and hearing teachers constantly say someone’s name and then “pay attention.”  This is a command! God in His word tells us the same. He is our teacher, not just a father. Jesus was a teacher so that means He was taking on one of His Father’s characteristic. 

As a teacher, He daily taught His disciples and they daily paid attention. There were some times Jesus would ask them “Have you not been paying attention?” In Mark 4:24 Jesus tells them “pay careful attention.”  God through Jesus and then God through the apostles in the writings to the church tell us the same thing: PAY ATTENTION.

 Whenever we are told to do this it means we must engage our ears, our mind, and heart. We are not to brush off what is about to be told to us. We must be engaged in the message. The message must lead us to make a change or take an action. God is speaking this so loud to the church everywhere. We must pay even more attention today! Not just attention but more! We all want the more right? Well, now we need to pay MORE attention to what we have heard God speak. Why? So that we do not fall away or drift away. 

No one would ever plan to backslide. At least not if you love Jesus. The enemy is planning our backsliding and if we do not pay more attention to God and what He is speaking today we may drift away. Drifting is a slow separation, not something suddenly. Ignoring God’s message can literally make us slowly fall away. God is so passionate about us He warns us to always listen! Jesus wanted His disciples to be able to survive and be successful once He would depart to be with the Father. His instructions were not a waste or just “casual conversations;” they were gold!!..... they were keys!

 If there is no attention being paid to the message it may also expose pride and arrogance. We may feel we already know what is being taught. That is enemy’s plan to make us drift away. 

Today pay attention carefully and then pay more attention to what God is speaking to the church! Listen to the gold and keys God is handing for our survival in the coming seasons.