Fear of God

Photo by  Ryan Hutton

Photo by Ryan Hutton

Written by: Beatriz

We have been hearing a lot about the fear of God. If you have not been hearing about it, you will begin to hear of it as God is speaking about fearing Him in these days. 

When I was young in the Lord I would hear the phrase “Fear of God” and it would bring fear of man. This was not any one person’s fault; it was because I did not know the Word of God. I was not even reading my Bible to know Jesus and God. I would just attend a Sunday service. I had no commitment to my church or the body of Christ. So it was only obvious that I would not understand the fear of God. 

Today, as I have been serving God for years and growing with the body of believers, I see this is the best thing I could ever have in my soul. Fearing God is not being afraid of Him. Fearing God wants to reverence Him and wanting to give Him ALL the honor and majesty He deserves above all things. It wants to put Him first over all people and things in life. Fearing God is walking and attracting His blessings. God’s word tells me so!! The man who fears God will be blessed! The woman who fears God will be blessed. Who does not want that? Everyone wants the blessing. But do we want to fear God? 

I have been praying in this season for the body of Christ that we will grow in the fear of the Lord. Not only should we be growing in it but longing for it. God wants us to fear Him. The best thing I can do is fear God. As I was growing up I was stuck in religiousness but again because I lacked knowing the truth of God. I wanted to grow just listening to one Sunday school class or weekend sermon. I did not invest myself in my relationship with God. It was not until 5 years ago I had such a radical shift in my life that it opened the door to walking in fear of God and wanting to actually fear Him without fearing Him. I hope you get what I mean. 

Fearing God without being afraid of Him and not being afraid of His holiness and righteousness. God loves us and there is no fear in love. So fearing God should and will not lead to fear. Only loving Him more and more!