Love = Strength

Photo by  Will O  

Photo by Will O 

Written by: Bea

“I love you Lord, my strength.”—Ps 18:1 NIV

I began my morning with this song, praise, declaration!! As I prayed it and sang to the Lord with it my spirit began to be infused with power and strength. Love for God began to swell up in my body and soul! The Lord loves us, nothing can separate us from His love. Romans 8 tells us this and we know the long list of powers, things, and life issues that can not separate us from this love. But do we love God? He loves us, but He wants us to be loved by God. The best thing about loving God is as we love Him strength begins to swell up in us. Love for God comes with strength! Imagine this?? Love strengthens! Love builds up strength.

Could you use strength? Could you use an increase in strength? LOVE GOD! Sounds so simple right? But yet it is because the love of God is free. My love for Him is free and liberating! How about on days there is no strength? Then on those days let your love for God fill your soul! Believe me, you will wake up a sudden strength from within. Last week I had a very interesting week all the way into the weekend. The enemy attempted to daily rob me of strength and I would daily run to the Lord.  This morning the Lord said your love for me was increasing strength. I am your strength He kept telling me. I hold on to this kind of power because it's mighty and limitless. If I hold onto anything NOT the Lord it may help me for a season. It may help me for longer than a season but there is a limit to it. In Jesus, there is a limitless strength!

Today receive from the limitless strength of the Lord through the love of God. Tell God you love Him but mean it. Strengthen yourself in the love of God!

Beatriz Zaldana