Photo by  Tom Barrett  on  Unsplash

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

Written by: Beatriz

“Jehoshaphat affirmed, “The Lord’s words are with him.” So the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat and the king of Edom went to him.”—2 Kings 3:12 NIV

There is so much buzz today around the prophetic and I call this a good thing. Prophetic words are words from God’s own mouth! Sometimes it is easy to get caught up with the vessel and one who delivers the word. He or she is God’s mouthpiece or prophetic voice, but they are still human. The voice of God is what matters, not man. Even in the Bible men who were not followers of the God of Israel would inquire of the prophets. The prophetic will always attract people of all kinds and walks of life! The same is true today. People are hungry to hear God speak. Especially in times of crisis and the unknown, the prophetic is a loud voice from heaven with answers and deliverance.

I recently had an experience where the prophetic words spoken over me were what allowed me to walk right into victory. I remembered and fought with words from God’s own mouth to bring forth a victory! Paul tells Timothy to fight the good fight with words spoken over you. Why? These are words that are true and valid because they come from God’s mouth. Hebrews tells us the word of God is alive and active and cuts through all opposition. The word of the Lord is with those who believe His word and it always leads to success. We are to always seek the word of the Lord. The word given at the beginning of 2018 for me was "abide in the Word. Seek His word." It is the best covering.

King Jehoshaphat knew to seek out the Lord’s word was the safest thing to do. Elisha was God’s mouthpiece of his time so he sought him out. Today we have the word of God. Through Jesus, we have access to all of God’s words.

Let’s step into the word of God for our lives.  There is safety in the Word of the Lord. Today I want to speak this over you: always seek to be around God’s word. The best part of His word is when it manifests!!