Light Therapy

By: Beatriz Zaldana

“Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”-Ps 34:5 NIV

I remember a couple months ago I was facing a dilemma with my face, yes you read correctly my face!! I have been since June working on filming media for my church and it requires I be in front of the cameras. I have a team that supports me with make up when we film but my face began to experience terrible breakouts. It was as if for that season I could not stop it!! I remember even calling a dermatologist office to schedule an appointment to be seen.

That week I made the appointment the Holy Spirit began to speak to me about Christ light being good for my face. I heard Him say, "ask that the light of His face shine upon your face." I remember that week going before the Lord and presenting my face and in faith asking the light of Jesus to shine all over it. I even said Lord your light heals and covers. That was in August at the end of the month the makeup ladies began to notice the change. I also began noticing the change. I was at my monthly facial appointment in September and the person working with me said, "wow, your face has gotten so much better." My face kept going from glory to glory!! This past month I had even people at my office where I work say your face looks so amazing and they had never said anything to me about my face!!

The word of God gives me this truth. When I look to God my face is radiant! My face is not covered with shame, but the radiance of God. God of course led me to make changes to my diet and daily cleansing procedure. His wisdom leads to healing. I even had to cancel the appointment I made to see a dermatologist because my face improved 100%! I testified to those around me light therapy cleared my face.  This might sound so trivial to some going through more serious trials and tribulations; I pray for you that your hope may never fail. I don’t mean to call this a dire trial but God’s word is meant to be applied to our situations whether big or small. I now use this strategy to pray for healing for my body if I ever experience any symptom of a stomach bug or cold. I say the light of Jesus is healing power!

I invite you today to walk in this truth! Look to God! Your face will shine and shame will come off. Shame is not of God and so it is not a byproduct of looking to Him. Our faces are radiant with the magnificence of God and who He is in eternity! May the light of His face shine upon your face today!

Beatriz Zaldana