Photo by  Ricardo Cruz

Photo by Ricardo Cruz

Written by: Beatriz

In the book of 1 Samuel we read about David and how God raises him up as a warrior, anoints him as king, and how even the people follow him and recognize him as a man of victory. This also makes Saul jealous and because God had already chosen David to be the next king, Saul felt “replaced” etc. 

David was anointed king way before he actually steps into the palace as a king. David is anointed king and serves Saul even knowing that Saul does not hold warm feelings towards him. Why? David was a man after God’s own heart. Going after God’s own heart warms our heart towards others. God is love so the closer we get to God the more we love. This love is manifested, like Jesus taught, by forgiving often, blessing not cursing, and praying for those who persecute us. This love is manifested by honoring others. Not just honoring those who we think deserve honor. God says in His word “for those who honor me I will honor.” (1 Sam 2:30) 

Honor means different things in the world. People will tell us honor means accepting things that may go against God’s truth. God is the author of honor. He says “I will honor” meaning it is something He does and therefore honor originated with God. David honored Saul even when Saul sought to kill him and slandered him to the entire kingdom. David honored Saul because God’s anointing was on him, a royal anointing. 

Jesus made us a royal priesthood before God. We are royalty!  We have the ability to honor. We do not honor in our own strength, but with power of Holy Spirit. The Word of God will lead us to how to honor others. We are to honor those in position of authority over us. Honor does not mean we sin against God. God is the ultimate authority and obedience and honor to Him always comes before anything and anyone. When love is our ultimate goal we will not have a hard time honoring others and even those who do not honor us. Jesus said it is easy to love and honor your friends, however, how about those who are your enemies? This is when He says bless and do not curse. 

David’s royal anointing from God enabled him to be a man of honor and love! When it is hard to love and honor tap into the power of the Holy Spirit. Look to Jesus as an example. He loved and forgave even on the cross! The message of the cross is one of forgiveness. Not just of sins and transgressions but forgiving those who arose against Jesus. David walked honoring and so it was not just Saul whom he honored he also was able to honor Nabal; when Nabal does not give a favorable response to his offer of service. (1 Sam 25) Honor is not just a one person thing. We walk honoring God it will splash all over us! 

Live and walk in honor today because you are God’s royal priesthood!