Gods Covenant


by: Bea

God is a God of covenant! The best part about this is----Gods covenant is personal, it is something between He and I. God confirms this to me in Deut 5:2-4.  And even the covenant with the fathers was binding, according to Deut 4:31. Jesus walked in perfection and in covenant. Jesus’ walking in perfect obedience and will to the Father is what brings upon my life the covenant blessings of God. 


The same God who kept covenant with Jesus keeps it with me. God is not a liar. He cannot violate His own terms. He calls Himself compassionate. Titus 2:14 says He gave Himself to redeem me from ALL wickedness and to purify me for Himself to be His own and be eager to do what is right. Jesus walks me right into purity with the Father. He walks me into the promise of Ex 19:5, endless possibilities. I am a people to Him. How much more should I live to do what is right by Him??? These are the things Titus 2:15 says should be taught and I should encourage and rebuke with all authority; I am to not let anyone despise me. Why would anyone despise these words? Why would anyone not want to hear the truth of God setting me aside for Himself??? 


We currently live in a world that is “me” focused; “I belong to me”, “Everything belongs to me”.  To teach that people belong ALL to God offends people nowadays. The truth of the Word is that I am His in mind, body, soul, and Spirit.  This is all. Covenant means I enter 100% and I am to keep my part of covenant. I am married to Him. I am totally His. All the agreements of God will manifest on me. All God has will be given to me. Is there anything I need outside of covenant with God? Is there anything covenant with God does not provide?? No!! God is all I need! 


Ephesians 2:10 says God prepared all the good things I will walk in from long ago. God created all opportunities for me to walk in His will. He prepared things that will honor Him from way back. It is pretty complicated if I am living for Jesus to not please God. Because I walk in what He prepared for me long ago. This is to please God. God planned from beginning of time to have me please Him. In Jesus the good works God created for me come alive. They were there prior to my Christ encounter. But when I walk with and into Christ they are open to me and manifest in my life. There are opportunities and things God created for me that only open up as I seek Jesus.


Titus 3:8 says to devote myself to doing good and what is profitable. Many people talk about what profits and what is investment worthy. “Doing good” per God’s eyes is profitable. No one will lose on this investment. To see and say I am at a loss is a lie. If I am walking in good words God prepared in Christ I have a profit. In 1 Peter 2:12 it says my good deeds cause even those who do not believe in God to praise Him. How and when will the ungodly praise God?? When they see how I live as a person who loves Jesus. This entire blessing God prepared from way back just for me.  All of this was since the foundation of the world meant to be walked in because the lamb was slain since then.


God has been waiting for a people to walk in worthiness to Him since birth. It is a lie to believe we are wasting time and missing out on being 100% devoted. Some foolishly say I do not need to attend prayer meetings or take communion to advance in God. These are all good deeds He prepared for me. They are delightful for me and for God. They are an opportunity to walk in praise worthy deeds. He does not give us blessings because we do good deeds but because He is pleased when we fulfill His purpose and plan. 


Prayer today: Lord may I always walk in what you prepared for me long ago. I have access to ancient plans for my life from heaven because of Jesus your son. I can step into the future of heaven today.  And in Christ I can see covenant provisions come on a daily basis to my life. Lord help me always walk in covenant with you. Help me always realize and know you are always for me and not against me because of the covenant of blood Jesus brought me into with you. Thank you Jesus for your blood and for ushering me into this blessedness of salvation and covenant with God.